Awards Criteria and Categories

The ASoSP wards are an opportunity for all society members to share their personal achievements to be reviewed by the Award Committee so that your achievements get recognized by all the safety professionals. The award committee members are renowned industrial professional who has min 20 years of working experience. The Award scheme structure is as under:

  • 1. Application Submission Deadline : June 30
  • 2. Application Review Deadline : July 30
  • 3. Decision of Award : August 30
  • 4. Awarding Ceremony : September 30

Award Criteria

Applicant must be a registered member of ASOSP
Applicant must have at least 10 years of safety relevant experience
Applicant must be a national or resident of 22 Arab member countries
Your achievement in safety professional career shall be worth to mention, share and acknowledged
The achievement shall have proven impact on your organizational performance which has already been recognized by the management of your organization.
If your achievement is not related to organizational performance then it shall be concerning to safety profession or to society in general
The application acceptance and rejection is the discretion of the award committee
All the winners will be uploaded on ASOSP website and social media pages

Award Categories

Food Safety Manager of the Year
Health Safety Manager of the Year
Trainer of the Year
Consultant of the Year
Auditor of the Year
Public Health Inspector of the Year
Best ASOSPIAN of the Year
For more information regarding the awards application, please contact us [email protected]