Sponsor SafetyMagArabia

ASOSP publishes Safety Mag Arabia quarterly and distributes an e-edition of the magazine to thousands of people on our database. It also reaches key decision-makers in the processing/manufacturing and packaging sectors.


Safety Mag Arabia offers a range of sponsor’s solutions including double page spreads, full page, half page and quarter page options. Highly attractive rates on special positions, including inside front cover, inside and back cover. We have bespoke solutions for all your advertising needs

Advertising Rates

Four Color Per Issue Two Issues Annual
1/2 Page Mark Otto @mdo
1/3 Page Mark Otto @mdo
1/4 Page Mark Otto @mdo
Back Page Mark Otto @mdo
Inside Back Page Mark Otto @mdo
Inside cover page Mark Otto @mdo


We only offer a limited number of sponsorships per issue/year. Sponsors must be approved by our CEC. Exclusive sponsorships are also available, which means you’re the only sponsor brand for a specific issue.

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It is very easy to get your sponsorship up and running. Just get in touch with us with any questions you may have.

For all partnership and advertising inquiries, please contact at [email protected]

Terms & Conditions

The ASOSP will provide the Sponsor with the sponsorship opportunity set forth in the Sponsorship Agreement. The ASOSP does not make, and specifically disclaims, any representations or warranties regarding the success or failure of such sponsorship opportunity for the Sponsor.

1. The EC may at its absolute discretion accept or refuse the Sponsor’s application for sponsorship made by submission of a signed Sponsorship Application.
2. The Sponsor acknowledges and agrees that the Sponsorship Agreement is a binding contract once it is signed by both the Sponsor as well as the ASOSP.
3. The Sponsor agrees to pay the Sponsorship Fees in accordance with the amounts and payment terms set out in the Sponsorship Agreement. Bank transfer payments: All bank charges payable on transfers have to be borne by the Sponsor.
4. On receipt of the signed Sponsorship Agreement, the ASOSP will invoice the Sponsor for Sponsorship Fee.
5. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties and stated in the Sponsorship Agreement, Sponsorship Fees shall be paid by the Sponsor within 30 days of the invoice date for such Fees.
6. Payment can be made in two installments: 80% of the Sponsorship Fees on sign up and 20% of the Sponsorship Fees 3 months prior to the issue of magazine.
7. If the Sponsorship Agreement is contracted within 3 months of the magazine publication, then payment shall be made in one installment of 100% of the Sponsorship Fees.
8. The Sponsor shall provide the ASOSP with the Sponsor’s Mark to be used as printing.
9. A sponsor who’s Sponsorship Fee remains unpaid 30 days before the printing of the Magazine, it will be denied.
10. If the Sponsor cancels the Sponsorship 3 months prior to the magazine issue, a Cancellation Charge of 50% of the Sponsorship Fee will apply.
11. Upon receipt of Sponsorship cancellation notice, the ASOSP shall have the absolute discretion to resell the sponsorship item(s) forfeited.
12. We reserve the right to cancel the publication of magazine at any time during the Term and will provide you with notice of the same as soon as is reasonably practicable.